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Things that turn off your man in the Bedroom

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Things that turn off your man in the Bedroom

Where as actions like this are depicted in a play, real life demands that such acts can be replicated in normal life

Where as actions like this are depicted in a play, real life demands that such acts can be replicated in normal life

One of the hardest  things on earth is telling your partner the whole truth about your sexual life.

In fact, when it comes to telling them what stinks in your relationship, then you better be a real orator, otherwise your partner will take it personally, and when it comes to women they will never forget something that you said about their sex life, especially if it is negative!

In my experience, confessions like that tend to lodge themselves deep inside a woman’s subconscious, never to be forgotten…ever but more than that, men must know that women tend to focus very much on their so-called “faults” and they keep it in their hearts.

However in the name of healthy communication, sometimes it’s important for couples to air their grievances out. And here below the sisters must take note of these things which if ignored will forever keep their men in misery.

Show us some flesh Ladies

If you know that you are the type of woman that will hold your tits in front of your man and cover your behind when on your way to the bathroom, then believe me, your man must be smothering with anger albeit a silent one.

This is for the simple reason that, men are wired differently from the ladies. Men are visual beings and enjoy to ‘take a look’;  have you noticed how men turn to look at the back side of a passing woman?

Bedtime is not story/prayer time

I have this friend of mine who has a very religious wife, but the wife has made it a habit that she will pray endlessly till her husband falls asleep.

Ladies, please do all you want to do out of the bed and when you come to bed, have two things in your mind, either come and sleep or come and let’s play nookie, anything else is a turn-off for us men.

Assuming we know that you want your man to undress you, just tell him, don’t let him make you undress yourself then harbor the grudge during the love-making session!

Men are often easily controllable, what you want them to do they will go to great lengths to do it, but the moment you want them to guess what is in your mind, then that is a turn off for most of them.

At least be mad

If you have already talked about it at onetime but your man keeps ignoring the instruction, let words like its okay!  mean just that OKAY! I know it’s disappointing that we men aren’t great at expressing ourselves verbally. But in the same vein, we’re disappointed that women never appreciate the non-verbal acts of caring that we exhibit.

Playing the ‘gentleman’ should be acknowledged

At times, women tend to give commands like; ‘honey please don’t c*m wait for me and we c*m together! Some of these things we do in bed are our silent demonstration of how much we care, so if he waits for you and you to c*m together show your appreciation instead of waiting for the next mistake to reprimand him.

Trying to prove a point

Men have this ‘silent’ thing where they are not allowed to say ‘I have a headache’ in fact they are assumed to be always on the ready to go format, this is despite the fact that their better halves have a clause that says, they can fall sick anytime and saying am not in the moods is a preserve for them only!

Forcing your man into sex

Many women insist that their men give them sex just to prove that they are not from having it with  other women. Ladies please you ought to know that this is another turn -off, in other words suspicion is a complete turn-off for a man.

I believe this is so because it portrays insecurity and always remember what the sages say  “A relationship is all about trust” if you find yourself playing detective, believe me its time to pack your bags and move on!



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