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Dance. Hate. Politics and Creativity  

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Dance. Hate. Politics and Creativity  

        When Vizuri Dancers stomped the National Theatre

Dance. Hate. Politics and Creativity

Dance. Hate. Politics and Creativity


For those who watched famous movie Stomp the Yard when dancer/character Chance Harris struggled to find a balance between his school, work, relationships and opportunity to perform at the nationally televised step competition.

In their mouth-watering piece dubbed Tonsindika (Don’t Push Me), Vizurii just like Stomp the Yard it was a show of struggling to change the changing the status quo, crazy moves but the plot differs in a manner that Vizurii merged dance Moves to tell a unique story   Dance. Hate. Politics and Creativity.

More than dancing, a few things where manifested in the Vizurii Dance show that brought more life and joy than dance moves.

The Tonsindika Choreographer and celebrated dancer Faizal Ddamba mostrixx explained to The Sunrise that ‘You needn’t have grown up at the barre to love and appreciate Tonsindika Show; He says that the need to dance is innate in every human being, and it cannot be denied.

The performance manifested a political society where the position of power is crucial and negotiated in a non-democratic discipline voiced in movement and the self-expression unleashing Dancing theatrics, where it bridges socioeconomic and cultural divides.

Stomping the Theatre Stage

Gone are the days when the Uganda National theatre used to fill beyond capacity that one had to acquire the ticket in time to enjoy a performance inside the auditorium.

For those who think it is history Vizurii dance crew ‘did it’ filling the National theatre Auditorium before even the crew was ready to storm the floor.

Lights off with a few dimmable with vintage music hymns of legendary Dan Mugula featuring his song ‘Endagaano’. A song that emphasises humility and honesty. On a stage that littered with coffin like boxes with one wrapped with a white cloths.

Words appear on the white cloths written in non-figurative format (modeerf- freedom) among other words satirically suggesting the draggled society where people survive.

The Vizurii storm the floor with a theatrical like dance drama that virtually narrates the woes of common man depicting the situation where leaders uses others for power and leadership.

Tonsindika show a wide range of political discrimination tackling the issue of religion, the increasing of immigrants.

‘Most people want creativity in their dancing. After all, dancing is art. True art must be inspirational and for that it must be creative’. Faizal Mostrixx Choreographer Vizurii

‘One way of making sure we keep a healthy mind for as long as our future allows is to perform activity which signals the brain to create new pathways. Dancing and the creativity it demands has here proven to be our greatest alliance.’

‘Tonsindika’ loosely translated as ‘Don’t push me’. Heavy in political overtones, the show depicted government’s iron-hand in making or amending laws irrespective of the opinions of the public. With entry fee of Shs20K, National Theatre auditorium was filled to capacity.

Vizurii dance crew

Vizurii Dance Crew is a professional urban dance group based in Kampala that started in 2011 and consists of members Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), where they met while dancing and teaching with the organization that uses breakdance and other elements of hip hop for positive social change.

Vizurii Dance Crew have previously they have been participating in dance competitions in East African countries, which includes Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, in competitions such Sakata Mashariki and managed to win the Dance Heaven championships Season 4, Batalo Dance Fest 2013 and 2017 5 on 5 All styles crew battles.



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