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Unemployment: Youth urged to be dynamic


Unemployment: Youth urged to be dynamic

Youth unemployment in Uganda is highest in Africa.

Youth unemployment in Uganda is highest in Africa.

A justice of the Court of Appeal has urged young people to be dynamic and open to new ideas if they are to compete in Uganda’s tight job market.

Justice Remy Kasule appealed to the youth to adopt an all-rounded approach if they are to favorably compete for jobs or if they want to create their own.

Kasule was officiating during the excellence symposium organized by the World Savers network, Kampala last week.

“I urge you to believe in yourself but most importantly, I challenge you to aim at becoming a whole human being with a capacity to seize every moment that comes your way in whichever environment you find yourself,” Kasule said challenging the youth to strive to become versatile.

Justice Remy Kasule

Justice Remy Kasule

Kasule also challenged the youth to think regionally, as East Africans sparing no efforts to seek available working opportunities beyond Uganda’s boundaries as made possible by the East African Community.

Kasule’s call was in consonance with comments made by the keynote address speakers including Rubaga Miracle Center cathedral Pastor Robert Kayanja, Kampala University Professor Badru Kateregga and the Consul of Pakistan Bony Katatumba.

The trio addressed the symposium on the topic:  “Think big and take action.”

Katatumba however dismissed the common mantra that all young people must aim at becoming job creators rather than being job seekers.

This, he urged, denies young people the opportunity to work under employers with proven experience in various fields until they gain enough skills and experience it takes to run and manage vibrant personal businesses that can stand the test of time.

“Is it any wonder that Ugandans are famous for many brilliant business ideas and yet very few of them ever live to see their first birth day?” Katatumba wondered.

Kampala University founder and proprietor Professor Badru Katerega expressed pessimism about the unemployment fight citing shortcomings with Uganda’s educational system.

“There is a need to improve and transform our education system into a life education. It is then that we shall live to see our dream of producing a generation of professionals who shall not only think beyond bounds but also believe in themselves,” Katerega said.

The symposium follows an awards ceremony held at the Uganda National Theater last February where the trio; Pastor Kayanja, Consul Bony Katatumba and Professor Badru Katerega were awarded World Savers Excellence awards for excelling in their respective fields of human development.

“It is our honour to see champions who have seen it all standing at a vintage position where they can offer a helping hand to the young generation beneath them with a view to transform them into fellow champions,” said the World Savers Network President Joel Ssekimpi.



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