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No sympathies for Tumukunde as he’s shot in election-related violence


No sympathies for Tumukunde as he’s shot in election-related violence

Right,        Lt. Gen. Tumukunde showing gun-shot wounds he sustained in the fracas. On the left is a super-imposed photo showing the copter he flew to Amama Mbabazi's rally in an apparent provocative move[/caption]

No one,      it seems is feeling sorry for Gen. Henry Tumukunde who was wounded in yesterday's fracas between the police and angry young people who were protesting alleged rigging in the elections of the youth member of parliament for the western region that were held in Fort Portal town.

It is understood that Tumukunde was in town to support his son Amanya Tumukunde who was contesting the youth MP seat against two others, most notably Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama, the son of Agriculture State Minister Bright Rwamirama.

Media reports had indicated that Gen. Tumukunde was hit by a tear-gas cannister that was fired by military police officers who were trying to calm angry supporters of Tumukunde's son. But in a press conference he addressed, Tumukunde told reporters that he had been short with a bullet not a tear-gas canister. The police officers had been deployed to maintain peace during elections for the Western Youth MP in Fort Portal town.

Tumukunde, the former head of Internal Security Organisation (ISO), allegedly tried to throw his weight around by issuing orders to deployed police officers. But the police officers would have none of it. Mpaka Rwamirama defeated Amanya Tumukunde with a difference of 97 votes polling 660 but Tumukunde described the exercise as foul play.

After the elections went against his son, Tumukunde resorted to curses and blamed the Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Katumba Wamala for trying to finish him off. Tumukunde told journalists in a press conference that the commandant of the military police Lt. Col.Karugaba had allegedly confessed to him for having received orders from Gen. Katumba.

Although Tumukunde was said to be out of danger after he checked into a clinic, his woes seemed to attract no sympathies from the general public many of whom appeared to blame the three-star general's predicament on his arrogance and previous violent conduct.

Many commentators argued that Tumukunde is suffering from his arrogance and violent conduct.

Felix Kabuye said: “Tumukunde is reaping what he sowed. Only recently, he took an NRM helicopter to Amama Mbabazi's rally. This was very provocative. He should taste the bitter fruits of foul play.”

Catherine Anite, a Uganda young lawyer based in the United States, wondered if the fighting means the regime is collapsing because of its own crimes. “What's going on? Regime feasting on its own?”

Others reminisced about Tumukunde's arrogant statement he made many years ago that he had only about Ushs800m enough to buy him groceries.

And some took the view that the fight between the Tumukundes and Rwamiramas represents the climax of greed and sectarianism that is associated with Uganda's politics since the two people are related to the first family.

Tumukunde became part of the Museveni dynasty when he married Stella Tumukunde, a cousin to first lady Janet Museveni.

It is thought that those links helped him to rise to the top of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO). Though he fell out with President allegedly because of his extravagant lifestyle, they mended fences and got back together just before the start of the recent presidential campaigns. Tumukunde was seen trying to disrupt the rally of former premier Amama Mbabazi.

On the other hand, Minister Bright Rwamirama is a cousin to President Museveni.
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