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Of Namasuba’s growth, its thugs and dust

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Of Namasuba’s growth, its thugs and dust

Namasuba with its dust

Namasuba with its dusty streets

Namasuba is a Kampala suburb that lies along Kampala-Entebbe Road, feeling the taste of its dust and jumping over its trenches. Although what see now is far from the best, Namasuba is showing progress.

If you have not visited Namasuba for some time just alight at Namasuba trading center and look around you. You will see many well-established structures with different businesses – a butchery here, a retail shop there, a saloon, name it.

“Namasuba has grown over the past 10 years. We have so many small scale businesses and the population has been increasing rapidly,” says Richard Semagoonja, the LC1 Chairperson, Namasuba – Kikajjo zone.

Namasuba is slowly growing, but insecurity remains a big problem. We have Police posts but this does not stop thugs from attacking us, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Criminal gangs who refer themselves as “skaters” and “Kifesi” have made it their job to steal and beat up residents.

Oh, have I talked about the poor state of roads in Namasuba? Not really. The roads are so bad that you would think Namasuba a township far outside Kampala. The roads are full of potholes and are dusty. You cannot walk along some of our clothes for a minute and still keep your clothes clean – the dust!



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