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Road to 2021

I also see what is happening in the country. It is as if the world is ending tomorrow. In this country everyone knows what will happen to the neighbour. Thank you editor for allowing us express ourselves using platforms provided by the Sunrise media. When I came to be part of this paper almost five years ago, I didn’t want to involve myself in politics.

There is something I didn’t know. Though I had written for very many years before I fell in love with this paper, I had never discovered, fully, that it is politicians mostly who kept people backward, even in America.

We have only twenty four hours in a day and only 365 days in a year. People are going through a lot. As we sat down with our team of thinkers, we found out that most politicians can also do nothing to make you get what you want.

Let’s leave the inspiration column for inspiration only. Now, we are going to meet here every week and roll each other on bare ground having disagreed on matters concerning politics. We are going politics here. Something must be spoken about.

Who is really responsible for the backwardness of this country? But what is in it really if we cast ballots and vote our leaders? From today the Bobi Wines, the Besigyes and this regime will be discussed here. If you are a young man or woman thinking of how to make politics a profession, here we are. We are going to open all the eyes all people who are interested in politics.

Politics is a dirty game but it is politicians in Africa who say and industries are built. There can be no rural electrification if politicians don’t sit and say.  Roads will not be constructed if politicians refuse.  This country is run by politicians. This should not be denied.

A lot has to happen before 2021 arrives, therefore. It is when general elections will be conducted again. Questions are going to be answered here. If necessary, men, both in power and out of power will be stung. No mercy. It will be truth saying as usual here too.

Thieving politicians and phone callers on radios, and all those who don’t know how an election can be won, we are here. I am here on my own. No one sent me, to use me. If you love war, you will not know how the Mandelas came to where the world saw them later and knelt before them. You will die. We are here to develop you. We shall need your two ears too.

No NRM big wig will influence yours truly. No one on opposition will even approach me to tell me what to write. Don’t even try it. It is free thinking here. As usual we are going to continue telling people how to work.

We are going to tell you why president Museveni has led this country for more than thirty years. Can Bobi Wine use social media and turn himself into president in 2021? Why are veteran musicians now pouring into politics? Is it because now politics is more profitable than music? I will quarrel with people where necessary. Is the noise by opposition men and women not empty?

Will Museveni be cowed and he rethinks his decision of leading the country for life? The road to 2021 looks short to those who have just entered politics but my friend, I fear, anything can happen. Don’t say someone already has stolen your vote.

You think Museveni cannot be toppled using ballots? Okay. We shall talk about it here. Who is who? It is a well known fact that almost all those who cheer Golola know that they prefer his words more than the way he fights his opponents.

The ring in which the presidential candidates are going to fight is very different from the kick boxing ring where Moses Golola defeats his opponents before even touching them. I am not going involve myself in propaganda when writing here though I am very going at such games.

If you don’t prefer it, you will not be brain washed here. I will tell you all the tactics politicians use to sit on you. You will know why so many of the busy men and women in this country rarely vote.

You will understand the meaning of the incidences that happened in North Africa where even our friend here Muamma Gaddafi lost his life, just jokingly. From today until God calls us to hell or heaven, we shall be here talking politics here. And as we do so some of you are going to completely hate the people that you had loved with your whole hearts for thirty years.

Life is very short and they will ask us, those who will come when we have gone, why we said nothing and died and we left the country fearing to enter the 21th century. But will this country be around after elections?

A lot is going to be said. It has been an introduction today.  Let’s head back to our strategic places, along the road to 2021.  Be ready next week. You will understand the men who move around, with this country in their pockets.



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