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UNEMPLOYMENT: Katikkiro says Jobs are not going to fall from heaven


UNEMPLOYMENT: Katikkiro says Jobs are not going to fall from heaven

Jobs can't fall from heaven; Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Jobs can’t fall from heaven; Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

As Ugandans particularly the youth agonize over the rising levels of unemployment, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga counsels that jobs are not going to fall from heaven.

“Forget it; God is not going to drop jobs like he dropped manna for Israelites. Such miracles will never happen again,” Mayiga said on a tour of Busiro, one of the counties that make up Buganda kingdom.

Instead of lamenting about lack of jobs, Mayiga counsels that the youth must be creative enough to start up their own.

“Jobs are not going to happen to idle people just like that. Those without jobs must use their brains to think of jobs to start for themselves. Mere lamentations will not deliver jobs,” the premier advises.

Addressing himself to the unemployed youth in Busiro, Mayiga wondered how residents of the area can be the ones lamenting about lack of jobs.

“Let us be a little bit serious gentlemen. Busiro is at the periphery of Kampala and other towns that are waiting to offer ready market for those with the brain to think of something to sell. Now tell me what are you selling to that market?,” Mayiga threw the challenge.

He wondered why the youth wake up every  other day and walk to the trading centers to gossip and engage in betting before returning home yawning and cursing third parties for impoverishing them.

“I have seen idle land where I have passed. What stops able bodied people I see here from tilling the land and growing food for the ready market in Kampala and other surrounding towns that are near to you?” Mayiga quips.

Much as he conceded that government is responsible for creating jobs for its citizens, the Katikkiro advised Ugandans to accept the reality that such jobs are not there.

“No amount of cursing government for failure to create jobs is going to deliver them. The reality is that government has no jobs for all of us which is why it’s a responsibility for any one of us to create our own jobs,” Mayiga asserts.



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