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Meet Jenneth, Northern Uganda’s musical heavyweight


Meet Jenneth, Northern Uganda’s musical heavyweight

From a Sewing Machine to a Musical Star

Jenneth Prischa photo Credit : Journalist Pat Larry


When the two-decade war in Northern Uganda ended, social development took over with music taking centre stage in a land where it had completely gone quiet.

Music has always spoken the same language and with its resurrection in the North, especially Central Uganda where music has taken a serious root.

It is quite evident that with the entertainment industry steadly growing in Uganda, Northern Uganda has always been left out but not to Jenneth Prischa, who has beaten all odds to become a musical star.

Unlike her counterparts in the region, she was among the few who got a chance to at least attend vocational education where she graduated in tailoring. While her tailoring challenged her to rise out of the poverty stricken society, Jenneth Prischa’s musical talent awakened and has helped her move places and transform lives.

The best of Jenneth Prischa was one of her maiden albums which she unveiled in September 2016 following her musical breakthrough in 2012. On her maiden concert in Gulu, she raised her fans with several popular Acholi-love ballads that included an award-winning song, “Tim Gero”, a song that preaches love for children and denounces domestic violence. It scooped her award from Save the Children International.

Popular among her songs is Afro-beat singles: “Atimango”, “Pa Pore” and “Super Glue”. This has made it over 20 songs to her name since 2012.

Her 2017 latest releases include; “My Mother, My Hero” and “Lapeny pi labal”. Jenneth told The Sunrise that her focus is to transform Northern Uganda musical appeal, with not only the message of love, but hard work in the language that people in the north understand best.

Jenneth Prischa photo Credit : Journalist Pat Larry

Who is Jenneth Prischa

Her name is Jenneth Amony. But she is known by her stage name, Prischa, a name she got from her grandmother. Prischa explained that she is a self-made musical star raised and based in Gulu, who rose to fame in 2012, in the Domestic Violence Musical Competition organized by the top charity, Save the Children International.

Her song on the negative impact of domestic violence scoped her award and cash prize that instigated her to record more debuted hits. It made her rise to be recognized as the best Northern female artiste for the years 2013 and 2015, respectively. Prischa is passionate about family relation, community and love life as manifested in most of her songs.

Amony is the second child born in a family of seven kids. She was born on 13 March 1990 to Mr. Darius Kalokwera and Mrs. Rose Adyero Kalokwera of Paluga in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda. “I am a village girl and I am proud. My parents are farmers and so I stand to be a typical village girl,” Amony says.

Reading The Sunrise Jenneth Prischa photo Credit : Journalist Pat Larry

She went to Padibe Boys for Primary education, then moved on to Padibe Secondary School and completed her education at YY Okot Memorial College in Kitgum in 2009.

“I opted for a vocational career, thus I joined the Northern Youth Development Centre Labora for a two-year certificate course in Garment Making and Cutting.  I spend most of my time working on my sewing machine designing clothes from my house and that’s how I was able to survive before joining the music industry,” Jenneth Prischa says.



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