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Nebbi RDC blames youth for begging instead of working


Nebbi RDC blames youth for begging instead of working

Beggars in the streets of Kampala

Beggars in the streets of Kampala

The Nebbi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), but merely lazing around. This has led to the scarcity of food in the district, she added.

Addressing journalists, this week, on the state of the current food shortages, Ajilong noted that many youth preferred sitting in towns and trading centers to beg from long-distance drivers. The youth refer to this as their “percentage” for loading passengers.

Ajilong dismissed the claim of inadequate land due to fragmentation, as a mere excuse for non-involvement in agricultural work thus leaving even the available gardens fallow. The Municipal Youth Councilor, Jeff Thorwinyowa, substantiated Ajilong’s comments saying that farming was the only quick way of acquiring wealth yet the youth have shunned it.

He begged the youth to stop begging and indulge in agricultural activities for subsistence and commercial use for a better livelihood.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the West Nile Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment (RICE), Jackson Olema, has implored farmers to promote and practice organic farming in order to overcome the current food shortages.

Olema noted that, RICE is extending its operations to cover Erussi and Wadelai sub-counties, from the original six area,for “sustainable agro-enterprise development” The program will cover issues of climate change, smart agriculture and enabling rural innovations. He added that the selected two sub-counties will form ten farmer groups to engage in organic agriculture.

And in a business-to-business meeting to promote marketing and production of cassava organized by Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA), the Field Officer, George Ladegi Okechagiw, said that the farmers needed this kind of capacity building so as not to depend on government handouts.

Okechagiw was blaming the collapse and failure of farmers’ savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs) in the district on the government’s on handouts. This has led to the local Moyo District SACCO to disappoint the members and now operates as a bank.




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