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Boda Bodas cite KCCA as their main trouble-causer


Boda Bodas cite KCCA as their main trouble-causer


Boda boda motor-cyclists have blamed Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) as the main breeding place of their problems. They cite its bad operations towards them.

The Secretary Boda Boda 2010, “The entire problem arising from this matter is birthed by Kampala Capital City Authority which has failed to register and put clear platforms for the boda bodas to work. This is because the authority has failed to cool down the burning arrogance and ego amongst its three presumed leaders of: Jennifer Musisi, Erias Lukwago and Betty Kamya.”

The spokesperson Boda Boda Century, Peter Kankaka said, “Jennifer Musisi and Erias Lukwago are only concentrating on their power struggle; and they have also included in boda bodas in it, yet the Minister, Betty Kamya, tasked them earlier to set guidelines which we should follow. Now, boda bodas have failed to vote their leadership committees. It has left them in the hands of the Stage Chairman and the Zone Chairman.”

According to Tumweigye, Musisi promised to work with them after the prompting by President Yoweri Museveni. He accused Musisi of disappearing yet she insists on charging them fees.

However, Betty Namugwanya, the Minister of State for Kampala, asserted that all issues concerning boda bodas were removed from KCCA by the presidential directive, giving the Uganda Police the authority to register boda bodas. KCCA Executive Director, Musisi, added: “The registration and regularizing of boda bodas is now being led by IGP, Uganda Police. We are not collecting any money from them because there is no way we can collect revenues from un-registered boda bodas.”

According to Kankaka,  it requires a person to pay  three millions shilling to get a sticker; and yet, the boda boda bike costs 4.2 m.” He wondered how the cyclists would make profit in this arrangement.

Another Registration

KCCA came out with another registration but before it was done, the Police had come in to foil the exercise. According to Med Lubega, who rides at Park Nkadde stage, registration activities have been confused by the leadership wrangles from within the boda boda society and also from the Government.

“Boda boda is now an activity done by whoever feels like it since there are no rules governing us. As a family, the boda bodas have many groups which don’t cooperate. Politicians have also used boda bodas as their platform to campaign for them, while the Government has failed to recognize one governing body for the sector,” Lubega complained. KCCA has also failed to spearhead boda boda elections which were to take place in February this year.

Clear Remedy

The boda boda leaders have asked the Government to set a well-recognized leadership where every boda boda in the country will have to register. However, many boda bodas have called for, they themselves, to totally take-over the sector.

NRM diehards; like Kitata and Tumwesigye, have called for a round table negotiations with all boda boda groups, Ministry of Works, Kampala Capital City Authority and Uganda Police Force, to design how a clear registration is to be done and help to clear the issue of taxation.



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