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Police reverts to Mayumba Kumi to fight crime


Police reverts to Mayumba Kumi to fight crime

Police Spokesman Assan Kasingye

Police Spokesman Assan Kasingye

The Uganda Police Force has embarked on the Mayumba Kumi policy as one of the way to reduce the crime rate in the communities. “This has been approved during the times of leaflets that caused insecurity in the communities such as in the Greater Masaka Region where 31 people have been were injured since the start of this year. Out of these, Asan Kasingye, said while addressing journalists at Naguru Police headquarters, this week.

Kasingye described the Mayumba Kumi Policy as one of the new security tactics that Uganda Police is to implement for the security of communities. He said: “Police will only manage these thugs, who use leaflets if there is a joint performance between Police and the people in the villages.”

Mayumba Kumi was Tz inspiration

This was a policy where every ten houses catered for each other and had one leader where every house was another one’s keeper. According to Nuwa Nyanzi, an artist, this policy was introduced in 1979 after the Liberation War in which then-Uganda dictator Idi Amin was deposed by a combination of Tanzania People’s Defense Force and the Uganda rebel forces.

Mzee Ivan Ssekandi former who once was leader of Mayumba in Bugembe village Makulubita sub-county Luweero District said, “This policy will work because the situation we are now in needs neighborhood watch. We don’t know most our neighbours nowadays, and even the LC1 do not know. If this policy comes in the system it will even ease the work of village chairpersons.”

Mayumba Kumi is to be implemented with other policies such as; joint community mobilization, sub-county joint security committees, intelligence-guided cordon and search operations and registration and profiling of all casual labourers in the communities.



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