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Mugabe to be dismissed by own party


Mugabe to be dismissed by own party

Hundreds of Thousands of protesters hit the streets of Harare to demand for Mugabe’s resignation

When Zimbwabwe’s Defence Forces (ZDF) initially told their Commander in Chief to resign, he resisted. But Robert Mugabe’s senility perhaps betrayed his sense of judgement, because he forgot just how intertwined the military was in the country’s political set up.

Then the military started to play in Mugabe’s best game of politics when they urged the ruling Zanu PF party – Mugabe’s party to call for his resignation.

Media reports indicated that the army urged leaders from all the country’s provinces to call for Mugabe’s resignation, in addition to holding a massive demonstration in Harare.

Indeed, the demonstration, though seeming choreographed, delivered yet another blow to Mugabe’s legitimacy as a popular leader.

Later on Sunday, Mugabe’s hold on power was set face its last blow when central committee of Zanu-PF is expected to dismiss Mugabe as its party leader and thereby give the party the right to put in place a transition government.

By resorting to the political party, the military has avoided the international fallout and attendant curse consequences of a coup. It can now drive things from behind the party.



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