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Mugabe`s 37-year rule ends in coup


Mugabe`s 37-year rule ends in coup

Harare, Zimbabwe's capital remained peaceful despite sights of military presence

Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital remained peaceful despite sights of the military’s presence on the streets

Zimbabwe’s military has taken control of the affairs of the country in a move that is likely to bring an end to President Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule.

The military coup came against what the generals called an attempt by people who didn’t participate in the country’s liberation to hijack the affairs of the country. Although the army chiefs denied they had carried out a coup and that Mugabe was safe, it became clear that power now belongs elsewhere.

Speaking on National TV, the Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Sibusiso Moyo appeared to condemn President Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe for attempting to hijack the liberation by sacking politicians with liberation history. TV broadcasts showed tanks stationed outside the Central Bank, at the Airport and major national installations.

About a week ago, President Robert Mugabe sacked his vice Emmerson Mnangagwa, in favour of his wife, Grace. His removal cleared the way for Grace to become his new deputy – and the most likely person to succeed him if and when he decides to step down.

In a repudiation of Grace Mugabe, Sibusiso emphasised in the televised address that there is only one ‘Commander in Chief’ But Gen. Sibusiso said however that The President was safe.

In the clearest sign that Mugabe’s reign is over, the statement by the military decried what they called “social and economic suffering” by the People of Zimbabwe during the last five years. Sounds of artillery fire was reported in the capital Harere this morning, perhaps as a sign of jubilation.



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