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Family banishes man over Politics and LGBT links  


Family banishes man over Politics and LGBT links  

Katumba Vicent

A man has been indefinitely expelled from Kawempe a Kampala Surburb over alleged relationship with same sex couple reportedly having stayed in his home for yet un-identified period.

Mr Katumba Vicent  the alleged LGBT activist and a local farmer was reportedly exorcised by members of his family following a family  committee meeting last year , which was among others attended by clan members.

The demise of Mr Katumba Vicent   followed a letter to him from the family summoning the former to the meeting. The accused, however, didn’t turn up for the meeting because of harsh treatment from his relatives prompting some members of the family the announce life threats that saw her run away with her whereabouts yet to be known.

A member of Katumba’s Family who seek anonymity revealed that one family member noted that “Our family can no longer contain a person of Katumba’s character and fear seeing her recruiting other family members into Homosexuality”

It is understood that Katumba who also doubles as a top supporter for opposition politicians is a victim of his political endeavors that he has been repeatedly come out to oppose government policies via social media.





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