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“Police breaks through on new year’s murders in  Masaka” IGP


“Police breaks through on new year’s murders in  Masaka” IGP

IGP Kale Kayihura

IGP Kale Kayihura

Following the presidential directive given to Uganda Police Force boss Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, the Police staged a hunt that has so far unveiled the alleged planner of these in the recent Masaka Bukomansimbi massacres.

Addressing the press on Monday in Masaka, Kayihura said, ” The Police has made a breakthrough in a hunt for these killers in this murder incident that took place on New Year’s Eve,” when gangs of ruffians armed with machetes attacked different homes of innocent people in Lwengo and Bukomansimbi killing and robbing them. The Police has so far arrested the key suspect, Musa Galiwango, alleged to be the chief planner of the murders.

Since the beginning of 2017, several attacks have been made in this region of greater Masaka by these unknown assailants. It is alleged that all these at had links with Galiwango criminal gangs.

On March 20th, 2017 gangs attacked the villages of Kamenyamigo and Kyabubu in Kingo sub-county, Lwengo District in which two people were killed and 12 were injured.

On March 31st, 2017 an attack was made in Kyabakuza A and B villages in Masaka Municipality in which 12 people were injured.

On September 5th, 2017 the same gangs allegedly attacked Kabonera trading centre and Kabonera sub-county still in Masaka District killing two people; and in the night of November 12th, 2017 an attack was made on the people of Mukungwe sub-county.

According to Kayihura, Police has been arresting one by one members of this racket. Some were remanded but released by court on bail. Those who were released never learnt any lessons but went back and rejoined their group to continue with their criminality, but Galiwango, the brain behind these brutalities had not been arrested until now. He has been on the Police wanted list all along.

Way forward

“This is awake up call to everybody to participate in fighting crime from Mayumba Kumi/ Neighborhood Watch and we have to strengthen sub-county Police stations, including patrols, especially motor cycles based in sub-county stations,” Kayihura said.

The 10-man Strategy per village is where ten youth volunteers from each village keep surveillance during day and night in order to gather intelligence for Police. This strategy was first executed in 2016 in Bukomansimbi, however it failed due to lack of funds to finance it, but according to Chairperson Local Council V Bukomansimbi District, Muhammad Kateregga, this strategy is to be funded by the residents and sub-counties where every homestead will contribute UGX 1,000 every month and sub counties will pay UGX 100, 000, respectively.

Ashraf Kakande Kawooya, a resident of Entebbe Kitooro said: “These killings are now becoming too common. I hope this will help us but even in Kampala and also Entebbe, security is needed to be double.

Why is Police very active bringing all these security styles only in Greater Masaka yet the entire country needs security?” he however, asked. “If Kayihura says that the thugs, who were arrested and were later released by court on bail and rejoin the group, why can’t Police work together with the court before granting them bail to come back in society?”



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