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Angry woman bites off Gulu LCIII Chairman’s ear


Angry woman bites off Gulu LCIII Chairman’s ear

Aber in pain after being kicked by the LCIII Chairman Moses Abonga not in picture

Aber in pain after being kicked by the LCIII Chairman Moses Abonga not in picture

In Acholi traditional folklore, a person who bites another is believed to inject a deadly poison into their victim. This is what Monalisa Aber did to Moses Abonga, three days ago, in Gulu Municipality during a community election.

But as Abonga was led away, with his left ear bleeding, it is not yet known if the injury will be fatal. It was during the Gulu Municipal Development Forum (MDF) elections for its executive.

MDF is a non-partisan organ of volunteers interested about the development of their municipality. The elections are conducted by the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development. This particular one was overseen by the Urban Development Officer, Faridah Namukasa.

Drama ensured when Aber, a renowned and controversial social media guru, bit off the left ear of Laroo Division LCIII Chairman, Abonga. It was amidst the confusion that involved fist fights and insults along party lines, especially between the Forum for Democratic change (FDC) and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) diehards, who form part of in the leadership of Gulu Municipality and those representing interest groups in the municipality.

Abonga Moses the LCIII Chairman whose ear was bitten off

The scuffle started when Abonga, tried to back the elected representative of Bodaboda, who he said did not belong to any party. But his NRM colleagues disagreed with him, claiming that the man was an FDC adherent. Then, Pece Division Chairman and the FDC Northern Region Mobilizer, Kelly Komakech, picked a quarrel with Councilor Samuel Oyet Agwani, sending the crowd into finger pointing, insults and shouts.

In the melee, Abonga allegedly kicked Aber, hard on her buttocks. “Abonga, why of all these people, do you kick me in the butt? What have I done to you?” As shed tears she attacked Abonga in a cat and mouse chase.  Then, the Town Clerk, Francis Barabanawe, and Mayor, George Labeja, intervened to calm the situation.

Subsequently, Aber pretended to be calm and sat next to Abonga. She appeared to be interested in making peace with him, but she suddenly grabbed Abonga’s head and buried her mouth on his left side, biting off his ear. The crowd reacted in shock to see her biting the ears of the chairman.

Those seated near the two, including Gulu Deputy Mayor, Pauline Lukwayi, separated them as Abonga struggled to pull his ear from Aber’s mouth. As he was taken away for treatment, he held a handkerchief to the left side of his head to try to stop the bleeding. The Police Flying Squad were called in to manage the situation but were too late to save Abonga’s ear, and the situation.

The MDF was established in Uganda in 2010 for five municipalities under the Uganda Municipal Forum to advance the good governance in urban towns and cities. The municipalities involved are; Gulu, Arua, Jinja, Kisoro and Mbale.  Twelve other municipalities have since been added to the Municipal Forum.

George Aligech, retained his position as the president of the forum with eight other executive members were elected to serve the municipality together with the division authorities for the



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