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Kim Jong Un promises major change


Kim Jong Un promises major change

US President Donald Trump met with his North Korean Counterpart Kim Jong Un in Singapore

US President Donald Trump met with his North Korean Counterpart Kim Jong Un in Singapore

The North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has made history this morning by becoming the first leader from his communist country to meet with a US leader. The two leaders met on an Isolated Island in Singapore.

According to reports from international media, President Kim Jong Un committed to ‘complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’ and Donald Trump promised ‘security guarantees’ for North Korea, as the two leaders met for the first time during a high-stakes Singapore summit.

Kim said it was time to ‘leave the past behind’ and embark on a new era of relations with America while promising that the world will see a ‘major change.’

The two men signed a joint statement at the Capella hotel. The U.S. did not immediately release the wording, but news photographers caught sign of the text when Trump flashed a copy to the press.

The agreement reaffirms an earlier declaration signed between North and South Korea, and commits the North to ‘work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.’

Why the dramatic change

Kim Jong Un’s dramatic decision to soften his stance towards the west is said to be a consequence of the tough sanctions between the country has suffered. The sanctions which include travel bans and restrictions on the sale and purchase of fuel has caused great suffering for the people of North Korea.

Kim’s decision to abandon the hardline communist stance, however puts him in a tight corner with some of his top commanders, who view the nuclear weapons as a negotiating chip.



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