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Refugees to get mosquito nets


Refugees to get mosquito nets

US Envoy to Uganda Deborah Malac while visiting Nakivale Refugee Camp

US Envoy to Uganda Deborah Malac while visiting Nakivale Refugee Camp

As the world commemorates World Refugees’ Day today June 20, Uganda’s Ministry of Health with assistance from the Global Fund is set to give out some 849,495 Long Lasting Insecticide Mosquito Nets to over 1,400,000 refugees in Uganda.

This was revealed by Dr. Jimmy Opigo, the Program Manager for the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) while addressing journalists at The Uganda Media Centre, this week.

Uganda is home to over 1,400,000 refugees and is also one of the countries with the most vulnerable population. Refugees residing in refugee camps have been identified among populations at high risk of malaria in this country.

In refugee settlements, malaria accounts for 37% of outpatient and 36% of inpatient admissions. The disease also accounts for 23% of under-5 mortality and overall deaths.

According to Opigo, the number of new Malaria cases among child refugees stands at 80 per 1,000 while in the general population, it stands at 53 per 1,000.

The proximity of refugee settlements to thick vegetation and stagnant water are cited as favorable cause factors for the high prevalence of malaria among refugees.

A study conducted by UNHCR in December 2017 showed that only one third of refugee households (36%) owned at least one LLIN while in the host population, 63% owned an LLIN. LLINs have been shown to reduce all-cause child mortality by about 20%, decrease clinical cases of malaria by about 50%, and severe Malaria by 45%.

Mosquito nets distribution will take place Saturday June 23 , 2018 at designated
distribution points within the Refugee settlements. The campaign is led by the Government of Uganda, with support from the Global Fund, Office of the Prime Minister and UNHCR.

The estimated cost of the distribution of LLINs among refugees is USD 534,930. this will facilitate Procurement of Nets, transportation of nets, operations, logistics, Behavior Change Communication



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