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Mother flees over Gay links


Mother flees over Gay links

Kampala. Phoebe Nakamatte a 37 – year old mother of 3 reportedly fled for her life following threats from a section of her family members and community who issued threats to her following LGBT links.

It’s understood that Nakamatte was rumored to be having an affair with a one Angella Kyomuhendo a resident of Mukono district a Kampala Surburb.

A source indicated to this paper that Nakamatte who was last seen in the morning of 15th , July – 2018 went missing with her whereabouts not known to anyone including her family members.

Sarah Mutebi a resident in the  area revealed that Nakamatte could have fled the country for safety reason following a mob plot.

Another source indicates that Nakamatte is seeking asylum in abroad and she fears coming back to Uganda following a hostile LGBT environment that is reported oftenly.

Nakamatte’s  woes comes in a wee of events where the LGBT society is facing not only suppression from government but also from society.

Families, Religion and community leaders have continued to denounce LGBT with recently the minister for ethics and integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo attempted to halt a popular Nyege Nyege over alleged LGBT links. All that awaits for Nakamatte in her Christian family lays in doubt .


In Uganda, homophobia has been widespread since the prohibition of homosexuality in the 1950s. But it wasn’t until February that president Yoweri Museveni signed a law that not only outlawed homosexual acts, but also compelled citizens to report suspected homosexual activity to the police, triggering increased levels of prejudice, violence and discrimination against the gay community.





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