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Panga thugs scares citizens in Kyengera

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Panga thugs scares citizens in Kyengera

Humar Kato Kakumba a resident in Kyengera (Kampala) on radar of thugs

Gangs that previously used to throw letters with threatening messages before attacking their victims in districts of Bukomansimbi, Lwengo, Ssembabule and Masaka early last year have again threatened families in  Kyengera targeting families with threatening . In most city suburbs, residents live in fear because of the cases of house break-ins by gangs in balaclava, armed with machetes, bricks, axes, hammers and other crude weapons.

According to a one Humar Kato Kakumba a resident in Kyengera (Kampala) thugs who have repeatedly used scary message where chased by police and police secured motor vehicle Prado TX which they had stolen in the area.

Kakumba  a terrified citizen whom they have repeatedly threated to kill on several occasions he has been finding  threatening letters inside his fence and car  reading that  he will be killed together with his sister  Majorine Teddy and his brother Samuel Muyomba who are reportedly abroad.

However, reasons for the threats are yet to be known since Kato says he is neither a politician nor a rich man but insiders have confirmed that he is part of people power political movement.

During 2016, Uganda experienced a general increase in petty and violent crime, threats of political violence, and a decrease in the general threat from regional and worldwide terrorism.

In 2016, Gulu, Lira, and Kampala experienced an increase in violent crime with the use of weapons and the presence of criminal gangs becoming more common. People were targeted for crimes of opportunity, particularly the theft of smart phones, jewellery, and bags . -internet





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