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Egyptian firm steering development in Uganda


Egyptian firm steering development in Uganda


Dr.Mostafa Mahmoud the Business Development Director

Dr.Mostafa Mahmoud the Business Development Director

Many Ugandans are benefiting from the free consultancy and business solutions mainly in the agriculture and tourism sector

The Egyptian based firm Excel Modern Agro Networks (EBN) for the last three years has been  providing farmers with green houses, machinery, training, modern agriculture and free consultancy

Dr.Mostafa Mahmoud the Business Development Director at Excel Modern Agro network in an interview said for the last three years the firm has been in partnership with Ugandans through the Ugandan government in a bid to promote, develop, provide consultancy services, market for Ugandan products and also connecting Ugandans to the outside world particularly the gulf countries

“We have been in a partnership with the Ugandan government in providing consultancy, modern agriculture, training and marketing Ugandan goods in the gulf countries as we also create opportunities.” Said Mahmoud.

“We also create chances through connecting Ugandans with investors from the gulf countries, market their products and create a win-win situation as we look to development.” Added Mahmoud.

Mahmoud cited that, vas Excel Agro Networks they follow the Egyptian policy and strategy where they help and support rather than exploiting.

While adding on Excel Agro Networks future plans Mahmoud said they’re planning to improve the tourism industry where a five star hotel will be set at Victoria shores

“through our partnerships we have been able to partner with an Arab investor from Dubai who will establish a five star hotel on 150 acres of land on the shores of L. Victorianthe resort will comprise of health club, golf courts, world class services among others this will help to steer development in the tourism sector and Uganda at large.” said Mahmoud.



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