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 Ronald Kaggwa cries out for blue economy investment


 Ronald Kaggwa cries out for blue economy investment

Dr. Ronald Kaggwa

Dr. Ronald Kaggwa

Dr. Ronald Kaggwa of National Planning Authority (NPA) has cried out to the government, Investors and innovators to invest in water resources because there is still potential for development though the right skills are still a great threat.

During a panel discussion about blue economy at the Uganda water and environment week, Ronald said that water can be a strategic driver for development if only involvement in the right skills is done to develop marine tourism and evolve beaches.

‘We need to develop marine tourism. Beaches in this country are not involved. All these are opportunities we need to pick up as a country.’ He said.

He revealed that water transport is still lacking because skills like boat building and repairing which would have enhanced the activity have not been attended to.

‘The major means of transport is still a canal. There are water safety issues and no enabling laws for this transport.’ He added

Referring to the current transport issues of long distances and traffic jam, Kaggwa said tapping into the blue economy would help in solving some of the issues

‘A lot of distance and the traffic jam we face as a country would greatly reduce. Moving from Jinja to Entebbe you don’t have to pass through Kampala. Just go by water’ he revealed

In his discussion, Ronald stressed that the energy from water bodies would be of great use if tapped into other than leading to death as the same energy causes accidents.






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