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Government responds to US Embassy


Government responds to US Embassy

The Government of Uganda  has responded to the US Embassy that Uganda observes and respects human rights and allows her citizens to fully participate without fear in multiparty democracy.

In a statement issued on the official page of the Uganda Media Center, Ofwono Opondo, the director of the centre said: “Indeed the government of Uganda respects the rule of law and constitutionalism which guarantee freedom of assembly, expression and movement.”

The statement further reads: “Save for one artiste, all artistes in Uganda enjoy freedom of performance and media platforms are equally free.”

Earlier on, the US embassy had issued a statement condemning the violations of the rights of musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine after police blocked his Kyalenga Extra concert yesterday and placed him under house arrest.

“Today we join the many Ugandans asking why their government has recently blocked musical concerts and radio talk shows, disrupted peaceful demonstrations and rallies, and deployed heavy-handed security forces against peaceful citizens.

“Uganda’s constitution guarantees freedom of assembly and expression.  We echo the Ugandan people in calling on the government to respect these rights.  Strong leaders and states do not stifle speech – they allow their citizens to participate fully and without fear in a vibrant multi-party democracy”. Reads the US Embassy statement.





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