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 Universities to offer cultural heritage course


 Universities to offer cultural heritage course

Four Universities in Uganda including IUIU are expected to start a cultural heritage program by September this year if they are given an accreditation by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) as it is expected.

This was revealed by Dr, Elizabeth Kyazike the leading cultural heritage specialist and archaeologist during a public lecture that was organized by IUIU on Thursday 4th April under the theme: The politics of Heritage conservation,with an aim of creating awareness among members especially in institution of high learning to preserve and promote culture.

Following a UNESCO funded joint research that was conducted by a number of lecturers’ from the four universities in 2017, it was indicated that Uganda is still deficient in cultural issues and heritage conservation compared to countries like Kenya, UNESCO came up with an idea of bringing together the four universities in order to revive the cultural heritage in Uganda.

The research was conducted by  Dr. Elizabeth Kyazike, Dr, Robert Ojambo and Ms. Stella Wadiru (Kyambongo), Dr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo and Estellian Namutebi (Uganda Martyrs), Dr. Benjamin Ajal Ayub Namigugu (IUIU), Dr. Allen Babagura,Pprof Celeb Tanwesigire, Ms. Lillian Tindyeba (Kabale university)

Dr. Kyazike revealed that the four selected universities are Islamic university in Uganda (IUIU), Uganda Martyrs (UMU), Kabale University and Kyambongo University.“This program is expected to have students taking a bachelor’s degree in cultural heritage in all THE four universities”. She said.

“Right now in Uganda there are many institution offering cultural heritage within their curriculum without having heritage as a stand-alone program on its own” Dr. Kyazike added.

It was noted that if this program starts in the four selected universities, other Uganda institution of higher learning will adopt it

Dr. Benjamin Ajal, one of a lecturer of IUIU who also participated in the study said that cultural heritage has got some key components which include Culture, Cultural tourism and Environmental issues among others. “Cultural heritage is also likely to promote national unity, peace and employment which are part of factors that lead to a country’s development.

Professor Ismail Gyagenda, the Vice Rector Academic affairs at IUIU urged Muslim students to preserve Islamic culture and advised students to come up with proposals about Islamic culture such that different studies can be conducted aimed at transforming society.









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