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IUIU involves community in sports gala 


IUIU involves community in sports gala 

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courtesy photo

In a  bid to bridge the gap between IUIU and the local community, the Mbale based Islamic University has started to involve secondary schools in Mbale in their activities to prepare secondary going students to become used to the university environment. This was evidenced in the IUIU sports gala that was held on 4th March at Summaya play grounds at the main campus where students of Nkoma secondary school were invited to Participate in sports activities among girls.

The sports gala that was championed by the Islamic University peer education club (IUPEC) included activities like running, bottle filling, eating competition and sack race which was comprised  five teams vis: Red Cross, Nkoma high school, Islamic University Peer Educators Club (IUPEC), Islamic university staff team and the Coordinators team.

The staff emerged as the overall winners of the 2019 Islamic University Sports gala after winning all the categories. Chandiru Yasmin a former vice lady and Wataka Halima the female custodian for the members of the staff team were awarded atrophies by the female sports director Kiyunyu Sophina.

Mugide Sarah a member of the Red Cross team advised her fellow participants to participate in such events since they create unity amongst them.

Nabulo Becky a student representative of Nkoma high school felt joyous after participating in the function. “Through this sports gala students develop a competitive spirit which eventually reflected in their academics for example when a student scores or beats an opponent team,it gives them a confidence boost that they in turn use to improve their academics” She explained

This day made the funniest moments in the lives of students of IUIU as many of them were amazed by the students of Nkoma High School coming as a team to participate in the activity.



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