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Tanga lashes Kasule Lumumba


Tanga lashes Kasule Lumumba

The chairperson for the National Resistance Movement’s electoral Commission Dr. Tanga Odoi has lashed the party’s Secretary General for being un calculative and disrespectful.

The two party heads have been at logger heads with each one accusing the other for poor administration and hindrance of party activities.

This time trouble arose after Kasule Lumumba publicly denounced the newly recruited 200000 NRM cadres to fight poverty in different villages across Uganda.

According to Tanga who is a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) said the decision of the 200000 cadres was taken by CEC while in Kyobe and it was spear headed by President Museveni who doubles as the NRM national Chairperson.

“We took the decision in a CEC meeting that took place in Kyobe recently and the president was the champion of the initiative” said Tanga.

Tanga added he was surprised by Kasule Lumumba a secretary General to publicly disagree with the president who doubles as the party chairperson yet she always attend cabinet briefings and is regular at state house she could had used the opportunity to inform the president.

A furious Tanga who was at his offices in Kampala could not relent his anger and the dissatisfaction with the way Lumumba is running party activities at the Secretariat.

“Lumumba has failed to pay just 32 workers at the Secretariat she is just fond of making noise and publicizing issues that can be internally dealt with, I think she thinks being a secretary General is heaven, no that is stupidity and dumbness “ said Tanga

Tanga added, “instead of trying to achieve our manifesto and preach the party’s gossip she has just turned the party’s spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa into her puppet and personal mouth piece which limits him to speak for the party and I am sure tomorrow u will see his personal and rhetoric attack “

I hope this issue will be sorted quickly but I also want the office of the secretary General to know it’s not a personal attack but it’s an attack to the secretary general’s office and position let her act as a secretary general not as a lay man who knows nothing otherwise it’s regrettable

Our efforts to reach the NRM secretary General and the spokesperson were futile as their official numbers couldn’t be reached by press time







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