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Youths’ attitudes a disaster towards Uganda’s economic development


Youths’ attitudes a disaster towards Uganda’s economic development

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courtesy picture

Renowned entrepreneur Patrick Bitature has spotted negativity among parents and youths towards development skills as a great factor slowing Uganda’s economic development.

This he said during the 1st National Skills Fair that happened at UMA show ground in Lugogo recently.

Bitature revealed that fresh graduate’s attitude towards developing vocational skills is still a threat to the country’s economy and if the mindsets are not changed, it is likely to become a thorn in the flesh of Uganda’s progress.

“Change the mindset, attitude and work culture especially the fresh graduates. Many come out of the institutions feeling entitled because they have a degree” he said

On the same event, Samuel Kaheri the communications director at Century Bottling Company, makers of Cocacola also stressed that parents should change their attitudes towards vocational training schools since our education system is changed and white collar jobs are currently sustained by vocational skills.

This was after two young women beneficiaries of the skills developed facility revealed that they were first discouraged by their parents from joining the welding course.

Over 1422 students from both private and public institutions have attained vocational skills with 10% retained at some of the 36 companies that were awarded the grant , 14% are self-employed while 20% are upgrading their skills.





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