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Apologise, Kanyeihamba tells Police


Apologise, Kanyeihamba tells Police

Kanyeihamba demands for a public apology from police

The retired judge of the Supreme Court Justice Prof. Dr Justice George Wilson Kanyeihamba has told Police to make a public apology for the damages they caused onto him

Justice Kanyeihamba says the police and one of the local dailies published a defamatory story against him arising from a standoff between him and his bodyguard that happened at His home in Buziga, a city suburb

“The story damaged my reputation all over the world, people were reading Justice Kanyeihamba has an illegal gun, I have told them (Police) to make a written apology and publish it on the front pages of newspapers” said a tearful Kanyeihamba

Earlier, on 10th June Police had penned an apology letter to Justice Kanyeihamba signed by the commandant of the VIPPU CP Herman Owomugisha

“I want to appreciate you for the sympathy you showed to the police officer when he lost a father, I want to say sorry for the inconveniences caused to you and your family especially for the unnecessary attraction and attentions in the media especially the wrong reports” read part of the letter.

Justice Kanyeihamba also stressed that giving him and other judges security is compulsory “Being protected is not a favor from government, it is compulsory. We have to be protected due to the nature of cases we handle (Handled) “said Justice Kanyeihamba.

He added “We deal with cases where some parties are aggrieved by our judgments and these people are dedicated in harming us even in our retirement.




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