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EC stops Hoima and Kabong Women MP Contestants from Organizing Road Processions


EC stops Hoima and Kabong Women MP Contestants from Organizing Road Processions

EC Chirman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

EC Chirman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission Justice Simon Byabakama has warned the candidates who are intending to stand as women’s representatives of both Hoima and Kabong districts against holding road processions during their campaigns.

He said the commission is mandated by law to ensure that peaceful elections are held for the safety of everyone.

“Section (20) Subsection 5 of the Parliamentary Election Act states that the commission may issue guidelines to be complied with by every candidate while conducting his or her campaigns,” he said

He added that public roads are used by everyone therefore it is good for candidates to select places like schools, play grounds where they should address rallies from.

Byabakama said that the incident that took place in Arua during the by elections gave them a lesson and that is why they have come up with these guidelines

Byabakama revealed this while addressing the press on the forthcoming elections for the women members of parliament in both Hoima and Kabong whose representatives left and decided to represent newly created Karenga and Kikube.

After Kikube was created from Hoima, Tophace Byagira Kaahwa evacuated her seat and opted to represent the newly created Kikube district.

Rose Lilly Akello the Kabong Woman MP also decided to vacate her seat and instead represent Karenga district.

The by-elections in the two districts that currently don’t have women representatives will take place on 26th of September this year.



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