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Music producer beaten to pulp by in-laws for assaulting lover


Music producer beaten to pulp by in-laws for assaulting lover


Hillary Asite, the owner of Greenix Music studios in Nakigalaga town, Kajjansi town council, is nursing serious injuries which were allegedly occasioned on him by family members of his girlfriend/tenant.

The incident that left Asite and his cousin brother a one Godfrey Erima, with wounds happened on July 21, 2019.

Asite narrates that on the fateful day, a group of about ten people, allegedly led by his girlfriend a one Jane Ariko, descended on him like a park of dogs, beat him and left him for dead. They also reportedly cut off some of his hair and also took off with all his studio equipment estimated to be worth tens of millions of shillings.

Asite is not only bitter that he was made a punching bag by his girlfriends’ relatives, but more so because the police reportedly treated him unjustly by refusing to open up a file against his offenders.

“Kajjansi Police refused to arrest some of the suspects when we reported until  we went to Bwebajja police which helped us to arrest the suspects and took them Kajjansi police station where the cases are” he said adding that “after the arrest of the suspects, One officer I identified as Afande Robert Yobo, even tried to force us to accept the UGX 2m compensation and a settlement from the accused by we rejected it. He told us that we shall not get anything”

While some of Ariko’s relatives were still behind bars by the time of filing this report, Asite remains angry that the woman was granted bail.

Asite still in injury

According to Asite, the impact of the beating remains a source of pain physically and emotionally.

“ Now I developed a sight problem. I was admitted to Mengo hospital eye Department where I was given some medications upon which I am relying.

An investigation by this reporter indicates that Asite’s woes started when the family of his girlfriend Jane tried to intervene in a attempt to stop him from abusing their relative by constantly beating her up.

According to John Baptist Edema, the LC 1 Secretary for Defence of Nakigalala village, Kajjansi town council in Entebbe Municipality, where the incident happened, Asite had made Ariko a punching bag, something that annoyed his inlaws, who were also his tenants.

Edema narrates that a few days before Asite was clobbered, he had tried to hack Ariko with a hoe.

“A few days before July 21, Asite chased his girlfriend with a hoe and threatened to hack her. So the relatives got concerned and sought to meet him so they could resolve the matter amicably. Unfortunately, he abused them as well. That is why they descended on him and beat him,” recalls Edema.

Regarding Asite’s woes with the police, Edema argued that this also stemmed from the fact that he was reluctant to cooperate with the village council leadership which would have given him a supporting letter to back up his complaints.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire brushed aside Asite’s claims that Kajjansi police were obstructing his efforts to get justice from courts of law.

“Two similar cases from the same family were reported to (Kajjansi) police. So the Residence State Attorney advised them to combine them and call it ‘simple robbery’ since it was a family issue. “The suspects were remanded and later on their second appearance in the court they asked for bail which the court granted but the case is ongoing,” he said

Owoyesigire advised Asite to seek redress from the Resident State Attorney.



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