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Is black friday worthy?


Is black friday worthy?

Customers at shoprite buying goods.

By midnight hundreds of people in Kampala started storming different shoping malls to buy different goods at reduced prices courtesy of black friday.

Black friday is a phenomenon that sees people shop at reduced prices in major stores and in Uganda.

It always comes every last friday of the November and people are always exicted about that day.

Game Stores and Shoprite at Lugogo saw a mad rush by shoppers,as people waited for the stores to be open.

Not even the rain stopped people from anxietly waiting outside, many people were seen buying beer, kakira sugar and soda as they were one of the first products to get done.

People were also seen collapsing in different stores becaue of the two much conjestion, and some left the things they had picked behind because of the long queue.

However many were also disappointed to find that a few products like soda, weetabix, beer and liqour etc were the only products that had a reduced price.

The sunrise reporter was one of the customers at shoprite, she bought a few products but getting out of the store was the most difficult thing to do as she almost left the goods behind.



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