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Japan pledges to support Bugisu region


Japan pledges to support Bugisu region

Ambassador Kazuaki Kameda (L) MP Namboozo (C)

The Ambassador of Japan in Uganda has pledged to support social development projects in the areas of health and education in the districts of Sironko.

Ambassador Kazuaki Kameda asked district leaders from across Bugisu to prepare proposal documents and submit them to his office for consideration.

The Ambassador’s firm pledge came during a meeting that was organized by the Embassy of Japan at Wash and Wills Hotel in Mbale town.

The meeting was aimed at interacting with the district leaders from the region find ways of helping them access development assistance from the Japanese government.

Bugisu region comprises six districts; I.e Bududa, Bulambuli,  Manafwa, Sironko, Mbale and Namisindwa.

The Ambassador’s pledge came after repeated requests from politicians in the region for assistance.

Sironko District Woman MP Florence Nambozo used the meeting to praise the Japanese Government for the development assistance it extends to Uganda through its Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) as well as through infrastructure projects channeled through the central government. Japan is also a major donor in the relief and emergency situations in Uganda such as refugees.

Nambozo said: “Thank you for the support you have extended to our country in improving our infrastructural developments like bridges, roads, electricity and vocational institutions in Uganda.”

The Japanese Ambassador lauded the legislator for her endless efforts she has exhibited towards developing Sironko district and Bugisu region.

“We acknowledge the importance of discussing matters of Education and Health access, because they are vital for the two countries. Private sectors of Uganda and Japan need to work together in order to foster development,” he said

He added that, the Japanese government has continuously supported Uganda in her development efforts especially in the areas of infrastructure development, human capital development through numerous trainings; and in the health sector through provision of appropriate medical equipment and health systems strengthening and quality improvement.

Indeed, through the GGP programme which started in Uganda in 1992, 245 projects have been implemented as of June 2019. According information from the Embassy of Japan Website, more than half of the all projects are in the area of education, health and water/sanitation. The Embassy says that applications are accepted from NGOs, Local governments and Community leaders. Financial assistance can reach US$100,000 .



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