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Who is your friend?


Who is your friend?

Ten years ago I had started writing but if you checked attentively, you would not see any sense in what I was saying I was writing.  I had no money. I was shy. I had no good clothes to put on so that people would respect me.

I had no important people who knew me. During that period standing before people to address them was among the very many problems I was facing.  It was very impossible.

No one with influence could waste his or her time listening to a young shabby boy who said he could make people rich and successful. I went to important people in this country. A lot of them did not allow me have access to their huge offices, with exotic furniture. They were seeing a young boy who never knew where he was going. Those were their thoughts anyway.

Me, in me, I believed that one day manna would fall from heaven and I would eat it. The world said I would never. The more discouragement I received, the more determined I got. People of today can perhaps sit down and refuse to work because their wages have delayed but during those days, we could work without pay and we were not complaining.

We worked when hungry but we just continued working, smiling. We were called foolish and people laughed. You could refuse to pay for my services but I knew the training I received was enough to take me closer to the gold I wanted to mine. Today you, you work for only money. I advise you, stay away from those people around there.

If where you are you are looking for something big, please, work and stop complaining. If you are today not paid, time will come. You will be paid. What do you want there? If it is money only, please, leave. First of all, the way you think today cannot make that company money. They will not pay you until what you create makes the company money.

We prefer free things to those that we must sweat for, to get. Think for yourself because God is going to put that capacity in you. Just say you must acquire something not very similar to money. Ways will be paved and you will, slowly by slowly, get closer to what you once just saw in dreams.

Money follows achieved things. I know money you man. It will look for you. Stop wasting time telling people that you are something. In fact because you are nothing, you waste time talking too much convincing people that you are what you are, really, not.

Working for what you desire to be is the only way to the honour that you like a lot. You are unimportant today and all those people that you call friends are seeing it. You wear glittering attires but the way you behave shows that you can never lead while others follow. What a fool utters convinces us that he or she is really foolish. We know who you are. What do you want honestly?

Are the people you call friends helping you to achieve what you want?  Dump your friends today and deliver yourself. They are not genuine. You sit down, with your friends, and agree that Bagenda writes in a magnificent way because he went somewhere. My friend, what your friends are saying is false. All people can accomplish whatever they want if they believe.

Just believe. You will achieve. I don’t know which craft. I don’t know that there is a hidden power that has helped the people you admire get what they own. Success to me meant ability to write.  I wanted to write and, no word of discouragement would force me leave what I wanted.

The world watched me as I stumbled again and again with almost nobody consoling me or wiping my tears.  It suggested that I had to be a tycoon to talk about money and success.  The few people I knew failed to understand me. I decided to fight alone now.

The things you want are in front. It is only fools, who didn’t struggle for success, who will laugh at you. If you say you are hungry, I will know that you are and I will not laugh.  I was once.

If you ask for advice from me, I will help you because I know you are so intelligent that you can even humble yourself to that extent. You will succeed. Even with the whole world against you, your life will change. For you to succeed, some people must first dump you.

One day, bruised and very tired, good Samaritans will come to rescue you, pulling you to the things you had failed to vigorously chase and gather because you had lost hope. It is only God who you will say NO, to stop you from moving forward. You will succeed whether friends are there or not. Your business is to succeed.  Go ahead.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. To find a friend indeed, people first hustle continuously, until they arrive, at the mountain top.  Your real friends are very few where you are ladies and gentlemen.



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