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Why NBS blundered with ‘All Lives Matter’ slogan


Why NBS blundered with ‘All Lives Matter’ slogan

NBS TV perhaps unintentionally used the All Lives Matter slogan. They suffered a huge backlash from viewers for the same

NBS perhaps unintentionally used the All Lives Matter slogan. They suffered a huge backlash from viewers for the same

NBS TV have had to apologise to their viewers for dressing its staff in Black T-Shirts emblazoned with the ‘All Lives Matter’ words, perhaps as a way to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign that has drawn the world’s attention.

The Kamwokya-based station clearly blundered out of ignorance on the part of the producers of the Saturday Night Live Show, who couldn’t understand the peculiar difference between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter phrases.

Whereas All Lives Matter sounds more inclusive – that all people of all races and backgrounds, matter, it takes away the focus of the suffering and disadvantage that Black People have suffered for far too long and for some people, black lives don’t matter

To Say that All Lives Matter is to try to silence the voices of those who’re being suffocated and want oppressors to get their knees off their necks, so to speak.

The Black Lives Matter campaign therefore seeks to draw the world’s attention to the systemic and cultural discrimination of black people so that they too can start to live normal lives, as human beings, as opposed to those who look at and underrate them.

Hollywood Actor Ashton Kutcher best described the difference with an anecdotal example as a way to educate those who mistakenly or not use the All Lives Matter slogan in contrast with the Black Lives Matter.

Kutcher used a night-time analogy of their daughter Wyatt, five, and son, Dimitri, three, who he shares with wife Mila.

He said: “Usually, Mila and I put our kids to bed, we read them a book, and our daughter always get to go first,’ the actor said in a video.

“And tonight, as we were reading her book, my son says,’ Wait, why don’t I get to go first?” And Mila said “Cause girls go first.”‘

But Dimitri was not satisfied. ‘He said “yeah, but boys go first.” And I looked at him and said “No, girls go first. You know why girls go first? For you and me, girls go first. And the reason why is, for some boys, girls don’t get a go at all. And so for you and me, girls go first.”‘

‘So when it comes to Black Lives Matter, I think what folks are writing All Lives Matter need to understand, is that for some people,’ the actor said.

‘For some people, black lives don’t matter at all. So for us, black lives matter. So while you may have the best intentions in saying All Lives Matter, remember…for some people, black lives don’t matter,’ he concluded.

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013 as a campaign primarily targeting to end Police brutality that has been associated with a disproportionately high number of black people being killed by the police compared to whites. It was sparked off by the acquital of policeman George Zimmerman after he killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Florida.

According to the US website,, Black people are twice as likely to be killed by a police officer while unarmed, compared to a white individual.

“According to a 2015 study, African Americans died at the hands of police at a rate of 7.2 per million, while whites were killed at a rate of 2.9 per million.”



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