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Kibalama says he’s a captive during bombshell court testimony


Kibalama says he’s a captive during bombshell court testimony

Kibalama in court today

The former president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Moses Kibalama today told court amidst tears that has been held by security agencies against his will.

Kibalama told court sitting in Kampala that he was taken to Mbale by security agencies without his consent.

This is contrary to what the UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said when she stated that Kibalama is being kept for his own security.

Kibalama, whom court summoned to clarify on issuing two contradictory statements, said denied selling the party to Kyagulanyi.

This confirms that the video in which he appeared to claim he sold the party to Bobi Wine at US$5 million, was recorded under pressure from his captors.

Kibalama’s bombshell testimony came during his cross-examination by NUP lawyers Medard Lubega Sseggona and Anthony Wameri.

Kibalama, also sought court protection from security agencies who he said have held him for more than two weeks.

Kibalama’s testimony has not surprised many but left some worrying for his life after he apparently embarrassed the security agencies who still have him.

The Sunrise sought for a view from the spokesperson of the judiciary Solomon Muyita on whether Kibalama had secured the protection he pleaded for but our queries are still unanswered.

Here are some of the interesting questions and answers between Seggona and Kibalama:
Ssegona…….. Are you still a member of Nup ?
Kibalama……… Yes!
Ssegona…… Who is the current party president ?
Kibalama……. Kyagulanyi Ssenyamu



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