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Don’t take COVID to villages this festive season – MOH


Don’t take COVID to villages this festive season – MOH

Dr. Charles Plato, left, and Dr. Baterana boss of Mulago. There is fear that if the disease gets to villages, it will be impossible to contain

A senior official in the ministry of health has appealed to Ugandans living bin urban areas not to travel to villages as is the practice to celebrate Christmas and end of year because they will spread the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Charles Olaro, the Director of Clinical Services in the Ministry of Health has advised urban dwellers to send whatever they can to their relatives in the villages for Christmas instead of making the journeys as a way to reduce the changes of spreading he disease.

“We need to shield the vulnerable groups like the elderly, those with Non-Communicable Diseases. So if you love your parents, it would be appropriate probably this Christmas you try to avoid getting them exposed because your children or yourself could be carrying the virus and you are asymptotic and therefore infect your parents and we have lost a number of the elderly” said Dr.Olaro.

“You do not need to wait for Christmas, send them money, they can always be able to have the Christmas and then can be able to join them when we are able to have the vaccine,” says Dr. Olaro.

Dr.Olaro’s warning comes at a time when COVID is raging in Kampala due to the increase in crowds and non observance of Standard Operating Procedures such as wearing masks.

The ministry of health confirms that Uganda is now experiencing the worst level of 4 COVID 19 transmission that is characterized with Community transmission.

Although the ministry now puts the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 as at November 30, 2020 at 205, the number is believed to be much higher than this.



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