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Kyagulanyi promises government of Nation Unity


Kyagulanyi promises government of Nation Unity

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential flag bearer Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has promised to transcend party lines by forming a government of National Unity that shall comprise representatives of all major Political parties.

Kyagulanyi promised that if elected president, he will appoint ministers from across all political parties citing that the struggle is a generational challenge that goes beyond political parties.

“I want to tell you the people of West Nile and Uganda; don’t be surprised when my ministers come from different political Parties,” he said.

Kyagulanyi asked the people of west Nile to vote for independent Candidate James Acidiri and Forum for Democratic Change parliamentary candidate Oguzu Lee Denis citing that they are all on one mission and the aim is not to remove opposition but the ruling government.

“Even if Oguzu is running under FDC I want the people of West Nile to vote for him. When we started the National Unity Platform, Hon Oguzu told me that we must not look like we came to remove opposition but to remove a dictator and I agreed with him,” revealed Kyagulanyi.

He further appealed to Ugandans to avoid driving politics along tribes, religion and ethnicity noting that all Ugandans, irrespective of backgrounds have the same problems and the only solution is to vote for change.

Kyagulanyi also asked the young people riding boda bodas to be cautious about their lives because he wants them to be alive after elections.



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