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Muslim Supreme Council Chairman Balonde dead


Muslim Supreme Council Chairman Balonde dead

The Chairman of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Dr. Abdulkadir Balonde has died,  sources at the Old Kampala headqauters of UMSC have confirmed.

Dr. Balonde died from Mulago where he was being treated for COVID19, the source added.

The death of Balonde barely a week since the death of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte, has put the muslim community into yet more spotlight as a potential hotspot in the spread of the virus.

And as we reported a few days ago, COVID19 is spreading rapidly in the muslim community, partly due to violation of COVID-19 guidelines but also due to the fact that muslims are uniquely vulnerable to the disease owing to the way they pray by bowing on the ground, a practice that increases the transmission of the disease from sick people to uninfected believers.

UMSC issued strict guidelines to the faithfuls as indicated in that linked story above, as one measure to stop the spread of the disease.



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