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Non-finalist students could resume classes in May


Non-finalist students could resume classes in May

Museveni at Mulago on Jan 27 where he launched the anti-COVID drug

President Museveni has said that following consultations with his scientific advisors, non candidate classes should resume by May 1, 2021.

Museveni said that unless changed by Cabinet, non-candidate classes will wait for the candidate classes to finish their exams for them to have enough space for social distancing in the classes.

Museveni made the remakes while officiating at the launch of a clinical trial for the new anti-COVID drug that was developed by Ugandan researchers.

Perhaps as an indicator that this decision has been adopted, the National Council for Higher Education has directed universities to continue offering courses for non-candiate students online.

The Executive Director, National Council for Higher Education, Professor Mary Okwakol, said non finalists should continue studying using online means for the next three months.

In a letter, dated January, 21, Okwakol had told higher institutions of learning not to open for non-finalists until a decision of government on the matter is communicated.

However in her letter dated January 27,2020, Okwakol said The National Council for Higher Education has received a communication from the first lady and Minister of Education and Sports informing them to continue studying online.

“ based on the advice from Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee, the President has guided that all Higher Education Institutions should continue studying online using the ODel, System for at least another three(3) months. This is so to enable government find a lasting solution, the purpose of the letter,” an excerpt from her letter reads.

Okwakol further advised the Institutions to utilize the ODel System as it is the current position of government.

“The purpose of the letter, therefore is to inform you of the current position of government and to encourage you to utilize the ODel System all institutions that have not embraced the ODel System are encouraged to do so,” she noted.

Some institutions like Makerere University have already announced their roadmap for the online lectures to its students, continuing and fresher’s.

An announcement from the Makerere University Vice Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe in a social media post revealed that the institution shall open for finalists on February 6,2021 as it was planned.

“Gallant Makerereans! I salute you and congratulate you on keeping yourselves safe from COVID-19. Please observe all the SOPs and remain alive, Uganda needs you alive. Following the Government directive, we’re making arrangements to receive finalists as planned on 6th Feb, 2021,” he said.

He added that the rest of the students will continue studying online inline with the NCHE guidelines.

“Fresher’s will register and receive non-residential orientation beginning Monday 1st February. Please stay tuned for further instructions,” Nawangwe noted.



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