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FDC activist Eng James Balungi Kaweesa still missing even after Elections


FDC activist Eng James Balungi Kaweesa still missing even after Elections

Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) diehard and activist has still not surfaced even a month after the Presidential elections that were held on January 14. Eng James Balungi Kaweesa has always been the man to watch whenever it is election time and he has been known for being an activist who has always wanted to see change and also see FDC being the ruling Party.

The news of Eng Balungi missing has for long been in circulation citing not being safe and that his life has been in danger because of political reasons.

For the last four terms that FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye has been attempting to take over power from President Museveni of the NRM, Eng Balungi has been one of those men on the frontline in Besigye’s battle.


It was during this year’s elections that his name popped up again with many asking about his whereabouts. As many expected to see him being on the trail of FDC’s flag bearer Patrick Amuriat Oboi, he was not among those who traversed the country with a bear footed Amuriat.

Close sources said that Eng Balungi has for two years been hiding in the United States of America after finding out that he was being searched for for by the regime, Ugandan Government. It should also be remembered that Eng Balungi was among the child soldiers from 1982 to 1986 and it is known that he is among those who fought for NRM to take over power in 1986. After President Museveni came to power, Eng Balungi was among those who were given state jobs and he was working with the President of Uganda from 1998 until 2008 when he was fired from his job after they found out that he had secretly joiuned FDC in 2005 and was told to stop working with Dr Besigye but he refused.

After leaving NRM, Eng Balungi joined Dr Besigye in FDC which was not okay with the ruling party which kept on telling him to stop working with FDC but he refused and even became an activist. Since then, Eng Balungi was been on the run after receiving several threats and he is currently in the United States of America.




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