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Bar tenders Cry to Gov’t for reopening or a stimulus package


Bar tenders Cry to Gov’t for reopening or a stimulus package

BAU President Waiswa Amos in the middle, his Vice president Ampeire Charity On the right and BAU’s lawyer at a press conference held in Bugolobi

Bar tenders under their Umbrella, Bartenders Association Uganda (BAU) have asked president Museveni to open their sector or provide them with a stimulus package.

A year ago on March, 18, president Museveni announced a nationwide total Lockdown in a move to curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

However the lockdown affected many sectors, like entertainment tourism, sports, among others, Museveni citing scientist’s advice, gradually opened up some sectors like tourism, sports, churches among others but the entertainment sector where bars fall has remained closed.

Waiswa Amos the President of BAU says with the drastic decline of Covid-19 cases and the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination in the country, it’s prudent that their sector is thought of for reopening since over 10000 persons lives are at stake due to the lockdown effects.

Since February 2021, Uganda has recorded a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths reported in a day, with the highest not exceeding 30 cases, the country also rolled out Vaccination of Coivid-19 giving priority to the elderly and frontline Health Workers across the country.

Waiswa says as bar tenders if bars are opened, they would respect and ensure the Ministry of Health Standard operating Procedures are respected.

“As bar tenders if bars are opened, we will respect the SOPs and also ensure our clients too, observe them, this is our job, we know what it means to us,” he said.

Waiswa adds on that as bar tenders no one has given them attention, be their bosses, beer companies among others.

“No one has ever come out to talk about our plight and suffering, be our bosses or brewery companies they are all silent on this issue, we want o add our voices, we have suffered in the lockdown, we are in the worst and devastating conditions and no one is ready to help,” He said.

Waiswa said if government is not ready to open bars, it should devise means and get them a package like other sectors since they too need help and have siblings to take care of.

“The way president Museveni has been working and meeting people from different sectors and association, we also ask for the resumption of our sector if it’s not possible they prepare a package for us, I ask every one responsible to look into this matter with utmost responsibility,” Waiswa said.

BAU’s Vice President, Charity Ampeire said they have waited for long but in vain, which has forced some of their members into prostitution, unwanted pregnancies and marriages.

“Most of our members are living a miserable life, no one is bothered many have ended up in prostitution, they have to look for money, our children have to resume school, we have to eat, but we have no jobs, let government open our sector,” she said

Ampeire added “if government is not ready to open let it get us a package, we also need help, we are an organized group, which needs to survive.”

Government opened places of worship, political gatherings, weddings, sports with people not exceeding 200; however bars and concerts have remained closed.



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