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Sheebah adds luxury boat to her assets

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Sheebah adds luxury boat to her assets

One may be right to argue that the ban on performances and closure of bars has hardly impacted Uganda’s hottest diva Sheebah Karungi, going by the latest news about her improving lifestyle.

The news circulating across Kampala is that Sheebah has joined an elite club of celebs who own boats.

It all started as a rumour that the Swaga Mama, had bought a boat. Sheebah didn’t give the rumour mongers and spin doctors time to make up things before she confirmed the rumours.

Wriing on her Twitter and Facebook pages, Sheebah said: “The Kind of life you want to live should be your biggest motivation. Welcome to Queen karma Cruise,” Sheebah captioned the photos.

Sheebah didn’t reveal the cost of the boat but going by our estimates, it must have cost her hundreds of millions of Uganda shillings.

According to Sheebah’s post the boat will be readily available for bookings for lavish parties and boat rides.

Sheebah expressed gratitude to her fans for always supporting her.

“Thank you all my well wishers for the calls, sweet msgs,comments, business offers & mostly good prayers,” she added.

“Can’t pick or reply every one right now but I truly appreciate the love!,” she added

The self proclaimed Swagga Mama started her entrepreneurship journey with the launch of her s

Sheebah-holic pads office and stores in Bunga.

To note that the suspension of performances over COVID-19 had limited impacts on her success, the Ice cream hit maker launched her Red Terrance bar and then later the Red events company all in the COVID-19 period when most artistes were lamenting over poverty.

Sheebah joins the list of artistes with cruise boats including Bobi Wine and Peter Miles.

However, she becomes the first ever female artist to own a luxury boat in Uganda.



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