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A summery of the new relaxed measures by President Museveni


A summery of the new relaxed measures by President Museveni

President Museveni announced lifting of lockdown measures

Following the expiry of 42 days of movement restrictions that were imposed by the Uganda government on June 18, 2021, President Yoweri Museveni on Friday July 30, announced a relaxation of some of the measures.

The president announced the lifting of the ban on both public and private transport across districts, as well as reopening of wholesale shops and arcades in Kampala.

Below is the summary of relaxation measures.

1. Curfew stays
2. Kikuubo and Arcades reopen
3. Bodaboda allowed to carry 1 person
4. Burial ceremonies to have 20 people
5. Weddings 20 to take place with only 20 people
6. Worships places stay closed for 60 days
7. Sports open but no spectators
8. Indoor sports still closed
9. Betting remains closed
10. Concerts closed. Online shows allowed.
11. Bars remain closed
12. Restaurants open under SOPS
13. Saloons allowed under SOPs
14. Schools still closed until ‘sufficient’ number of students and teachers are vaccinated.
15. Sauna and gyms remain closed
16. Office; 20% staff to report, from 10%
17. Private cars allowed 3 people
18. Entebbe still open
19. Cargo trucks allowed with only 2 people
20. Public transport allowed to carry 50% capacity on Monday August 2, 2021
21. Food markets remains open
22. Seasonal mkts (mubuulo) remain closed.
23. Conferences still banned, except with permission from Min. of Health.
25. UGX100 billion made available for borrowing from microfinance.



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