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Iran Cultural chancellor Ghezelesofla: Hajj should be of Good Deeds


Iran Cultural chancellor Ghezelesofla: Hajj should be of Good Deeds

The Iranian Cultural Chancellor in Uganda Mohammad Reza Ghezelsofla addressing the participants

The cultural Chancellor of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran Hajj Mohammad Reza Ghezelsofla has advised Muslims to utilize Hajj pilgrimage to contribute to the positive development of their countries.

Every last month of the Islamic calendars (Dhul-hijja), Muslims across the globe practice the fifth pillar of Islam which is going for Hajji at the holy Qabar in Mecca (performing pilgrimage).

The other pillars are; Accepting the existence of one God (Allah), praying the five daily prayers, fasting the holy month of Ramadhan and Paying Zakat.

Ghezelesofla while delivering a key note address during the competition on the philosophy of Hajji, its importance and impact on Unity and Human development, said that Hajji given it’s way of performance reflects the real unity and power of Allah since all people from different categories are aligned to the same level.

“All people converge in the same place a president and an ordinary citizen all perform the same rituals equally, Like Ramathan, hajji is also a party of believers hosted by Allah himself and we expect some positive change in those who engage in it,” he said.

He added “Support the poor, needy, orphans, widows, deprived and oppressed because it’s useless to go for Hajji and after that you return and don’t help others.”

Ghezelesofla urged believers to be social, fruitful, useless and contribute and ensure that they change their societies they are living in.

“Always worship Allah not for what you need from him but because that’s our obligation other than behaving like business people do whatever you can where you are, unite people, help those you can make sure that you are useful to the society,” he added.

The event also saw students from Metropolitan International University and makerere University compete in a Q&A session where the best students were awarded.

In his message which was delivered by Ghezelesofla, Imam Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran urged Muslims to observe Hajj in their places given the current pandemic.

“Promote unity, find the needy and help them make sure that you positively impact on people’s lives during these Hajji period,” he said.

Speaking at the function, Sheikh Abdurahman Mugera, a lecturer at Al-Mustafa Islamic College said that Arafah is one of the best days in Islam which should not be missed by any Muslim.

“Whoever fast this day, Allah forgives him all his sins of the previous two years and the next two years,” he said.



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