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Bugingo happy lockdown shielded Ugandans from con pastors, spills tricks cheats use


Bugingo happy lockdown shielded Ugandans from con pastors, spills tricks cheats use

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

One of Uganda’s controversial Born Again Clerics has said Ugandans are at peace now that fake pastors are unable to con them of money owing to the lockdown imposed on places of worship to tame the spread of Corona infections.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo treats the lockdown as a blessing in disguise because con stars posing as men of God had before the lockdown was imposed turned houses of prayer into dens of thieves.

Now that the president has imposed another sixty days lockdown on churches, Bugingo advises the con pastors to use the opportunity to repent or go back to the village and save the image of churches they are tarnishing.

“They have cheated many Ugandans out of millions of shillings and into debilitating poverty. They can’t walk in the public without body guards because they fear the people they conned can easily manhandle them,” Bugingo asserts.

He contends that men and women in the service of spreading the word of God don’t need guns or security unless one is a criminal using the guns to ward off his or her victims whatever the case might be.

Revealing how desperate gangsters stealing in the name of God have resorted to calling people pestering them to sow the obligatory seed if faith, Bugingo advises members of the public not to accept to be fooled into throwing their hard earned money to such crooks.

He narrates how these con people employ voodoo to know who has money and who hasn’t.

” Since they know exactly the amount of money one happens to possess by the time they call, they use colorful language punctuated with phrases from the book of knowledge to convince their victims to part wutt the money they happen to possess in a lumpsome,” the House of Prayer Senior Minister illuminates.

He slams Pastors clamouring for the opening of the churches, lampooning them as thieves who want the President to open churches to continue with stealing from Ugandans.

” These people who shamelessly wear guinea sacks to pretend they are concerned about the lockdown imposed on places of worship are better off informed that places of worship do not necessarily mean buildings”, he counsels.



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