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Civil servants urged to submit wealth details to IGG past the deadline


Civil servants urged to submit wealth details to IGG past the deadline

IGG Beti Kamya

The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) has encouraged public servants to continue to submit details of their wealth even after the expiry of the declaration period.

The deadline for submission for old public officers and newly elected leaders had been set as August 7 and 13 respectively.

However the IGG faced lots of complaints regarding poor internet connection and movement restrictions during lockdown, which they said hindered them to beat the deadline.

“We have received concerns from public officers on the failure to submit their declarations in time due to the lockdown period, failure to access the internet services among others. The concerns are valid and justifiable under the Leadership Code Act and will be addressed by the appropriate authorities. The Public will be guided further after due consultations,” statement read in part.

The statement adds: “Declarants who have not been able to access the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System (IG-ODS) are hereby encouraged to submit their particulars (full names, name of institution, National Identification Number, telephone number) and concerns to: or inquiries module using the IG”

Munira Ali, the Spokesperson of the IGG, 20,000 people had submitted their details by Friday last week.

“We have some consultations which we are doing in relation to the same and when we’re done with it, we can know exactly what is going to happen. But for now, we are encouraging the public officers to send their particulars to the Inspectorate Of Government. Then, we shall be able to put them in the system as we wait for the feedback on the consultations that are ongoing,” she added.



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