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Our MPs have once again let us down on vaccination


Our MPs have once again let us down on vaccination

Some MPs have vowed to defy a directive by Dep. Speaker Anita Among to get vaccinated

Dear Editor

The decision by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among to restrict entry into Parliament should be lauded by every right thinking member of Ugandan society. It is indeed shameful that some MPs have even had the audacity to challenge the authority of the Deputy Speaker when it comes to implementing the directives of the government on public safety.

Members of Parliament are not only our representatives, but they are also our heroes and role models when it comes to conduct.

When President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declared that all Ugandans should be vaccinated in preparation for the full reopening of the economy, he didn’t put an exemption.

It is really shocking to hear that some MPs have started to present excuses why they should skip the very important exercise.

Just this week, we witnessed several public universities demand that all students present proof of vaccination before they are allowed to enter the campuses. This was a laudable move. Different institutions must make it costly for anyone to skip vaccination, otherwise laxity in vaccination will result into mutations of the virus that will trigger variants to spread not only in Uganda but to the rest of the world.

I wish therefore to urge the leadership of Parliament and other government and private institutions to introduce tougher measures to weed out all those that ignore this very important exercise. As we have been told, refusing to get vaccinated is not only dangerous for the person, but more so for those whose conditions does not allow them to get vaccinated.



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