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C.J Owiny-Dollo praised for powerful display of humility as he apologises to Kabaka


C.J Owiny-Dollo praised for powerful display of humility as he apologises to Kabaka

Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo with Katikkiro C.P Mayiga after tendering his apology to the Kabaka

The Chief Justice of Uganda Alphonse Owiny-Dollo has been praised for demonstrating outstanding humility and statesmanship by physically going to Mengo – the seat of Buganda Kingdom, and apologising to the Kabaka for making inaccurate remarks about the Kabaka’s recent trip abroad.

In recent remarks during the vigil of the departed former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, C.J Owiny-Dollo, said the Kabaka had travelled abroad for treatment on a presidential jet, to which, he added, he was not entitled.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga in a humble clarification came out to state that the Kabaka had not travelled by presidential jet but rather by a commercial airline.

C.J Dollo later issued a statement in which he apologises for the error.

While at Mengo today Thursday March 31, 2022, Dollo presented to the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga his apology to the Kabaka. Kabaka Mutebi travelled to Europe early this week and did not meet with the C.J.

Katikkiro Mayiga praised C.J Dollo for display enormous courage and humility by accepting that he erred and for saying sorry.

Jimmy Kiberu, a business leader and former Spokesperson of the Uganda Development Bank said: “Ugandans @chigamony deserves our collective praise for his act of humility. Not ridicule. We all occasionally err. Forgiveness is a virtue.This is what builds a sustainable nation we all aspire. Welldone CJ Owiny Dollo for an act of valour.”

Lawyer Isaac Mpanga added: “There is something very unique about the Chief Justice and how he has handled the issues with Mengo that we should all learn from. He is not the first public official to conduct himself as he did but i have not seen many going to his length to make good.”

Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice President for Eastern Uganda added: “The Principal of Civility and humility being displayed in the country, The Chief Justice Owiny Dollo is a man of character delivering his personal apology to the Katikiro of Buganda this morning.”

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu who attended C.J Dollo’s meeting as a member of the Inter-religious council of Uganda, also praised Dollo’s humility.

Dr. Kazimba said: “On behalf of the Inter Religious Council of Uganda, I extend my sincere gratitude to the Chief Justice of Uganda, Alfonse Owinyi-Dollo and Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, Katikiro of Buganda for their gesture of dialogue today. It is indicative of humility, maturity and statesmanship.”

Several other leaders from Acholi region who had amplified Owiny-Dollo’s divisive remarks, such as, former MP Odonga Otto, have also said sorry.

Following the visit by C.J Dollo, Katikkiro Mayiga appealed to all Ugandans to leave the past behind and forge unity and accord the late Speaker Oulanyah a befitting send off.

“I urge all Ugandans to leave what was said behind us. The people of Buganda and those of Acholi have more in common than what divides us.”

Mayiga added: “We should give Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah a befitting send off next week well knowing that we have undertaken this process.  There is nothing more that needs being done. We just need to move forward. Deepen our friendship and unity amongst all of Ugandans.”



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