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Lugave spiritual tree is no more


Lugave spiritual tree is no more

UNRA uproots alleged ‘spiritual’ tree to clear way for Busega-Mpigi road

Spiritual tree no more

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) on Friday March 11 cut down the the alleged Nabukalu ‘spiritual’ tree that had slowed down road construction works for the Busega-Mpigi Express.

The tree belonged to Hussein Katamba, a member of the Lugave clan (Pangolin) of Buganda Kingdom. It owners say it has been in existence for over 100 years, preserved for spiritual related reasons as it is alleged that the Lugave clan members always sought out the site for blessings.

Katamba, the caretaker of the land where the tree had grown previously sued UNRA, demanding UGX500M as compensation to relocate the Lugave clan spirits to another place.

The works Minister, Edward Katumba Wamala had assured the clad heads of UGX150M as compensation from the government to relocate the spirits an offer the Mr. Katamba rejected with claims that it was not enough to appease the Lugave spirits.

On Wednesday, the Mpigi High Court ruled that Mr. Katamba should receive UGX4.6M as compensation so that the road works continue.



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