The threat was issued by Romlas Tusingwire, the guild president during a news conference on Thursday. This comes after a protracted strike by their colleagues at Makerere main campus that has paralysed work at the university over the past three weeks.
Tusingwire said they want to march to Parliament to bring the matte to the attention of the Speaker.
He decried poor service delivery noting that government has put priority on unnecessary matters such as increasing the number of ministries.
“We are highly against this policy so we as Makerere Business school, we shall do whatever it takes for this policy not to be implemented and it is not that we have been quiet about it,” said Tuaingwire.
He expressed fear that  education in public universities is being too expensive just like in private universities  hence complicating the life for poor people.

“The 15% should be put to a halt because students don’t have money.